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About Matt Maciel (Ma - sea - El)


I grew up in Garden City, KS.  Shortly after graduating high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserves.  I always had a deep commitment to serve my country and a profound respect for my grandfathers’ service in World War II.  After completing basic training, infantry training and specialty training I enrolled at Fort Hays State University.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in History but later in my later college years I started reading finance and economics books.  This quickly turned into a passion for me.  After college I began building my portfolio with success.  I have a particular investment interest in Warren Buffett. I own over 50 books just alone on Mr. Buffett.  I also make the pilgrimage to hear him speak at his annual shareholder meeting in Omaha every year.  

What drew me into the industry:

My father passed away suddenly from a stroke at the age of 61.  My mother did not handle the family’s finances and asked for my assistance.  I quickly learned not all advisors are alike. I was really troubled by the advice my mother was receiving after my father’s passing.  This probably more than anything drove me to enter the industry.  Another contributing factor was the 2008-2009 crash.  Seeing good hardworking people lose their life’s savings really alarmed me.  Furthermore, witnessing veterans lose their life savings after serving multiple tours overseas really led me to believe that someone needed to have the clients best interest at heart.


Info about me: 

I live in Olathe and I’m married with two daughters ages 3 and 4.  My wife (Megan) works as a social worker at Midwest Transplant Network. My hobbies include golf, gardening, poker and wrestling. I enjoy the risk and reward analysis in the market and I enjoy doing the same calculations in poker.  I started wrestling at age 6 and wrestled a few years in college.  I’m still involved in the sport as an official for high school wrestling.  I have an MA from Webster University and an MBA from Friends University.  I worked on my PhD at Kansas State University but I have put those plans on hold for now.  

Board Member - Olathe YMCA 

Nominated for the YMCA Spirit of Service Award for my work with the Olathe YMCA

Ambassador and Chairman of the Membership Council – Olathe Chamber

Diplomat – Overland Park Chamber

Champion- Greater Kansas City Chamber

Ambassador – Hispanic Chamber

Member – Navy League

Member – American Legion


What I focus on:

For individuals:

  • Financial Strategies – Through sophisticated computer software support helping determine how much you need for retirement, kids’ education and leaving a legacy.
  • Retirement Planning – Building a holistic plan, guidance and software analysis to help you avoid gaps in retirement.  Will evaluate your 401(k), company pension, Social Security and other tax advantaged savings plans to provide income when you retire.
  • Investments – Identifying your goals and investments suitable for you achieving your goal.  Providing guidance when circumstances change in the market or in your life.
  • Estate Planning – Creating a process with your CPA and attorney to minimize gift taxes, estate taxes, generation skipping transfer and income taxes. Do you know how much your estate will pay in taxes if something bad happened to you today?
  • Life Insurance – Through life insurance your spouse and children will be protected if something bad should happen to you.  I saw it happen first hand when my father passed and I don't want that to happen to your family.
  • Risk Management - Depending on what you do for a living or family history, Long Term Care and Disability Income insurance might be needed to help you be prepared.


For Business and business owners:

  • Investments & Retirement Plans – I feel that there’s a growing disconnect in the workforce. Some employees don’t find the benefit plan to be a priority and most employers don’t know what their employees value in the benefit plan.  It’s usually crucial for small business to keep and retain great people. I can help you meet the needs of your employees with: 401(k), SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Key Person plans and Nonqualified Deferred Compensation plans.
  • Risk Management – It’s fundamental to protect your employees but are you protecting the company?  Be prepared by learning more about these different options. Life, Disability plans and Buy – Sell insurance.
  • Informal Business Valuation – Learn the economic value of your owner’s interest through a wide array of approaches. Having a picture of your busines can be vital whether applying for a loan or selling your business. Planning your retirement now can help when you decide to sell your business.  
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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck